Sunday, April 5, 2009



Age: 20 Tutorial Group:3 LECTURER Dr.Zaini binti Amir

1. Do you enjoy blogging?

Yes. I learned about what blog is and how to apply what I learned about blog in my studies.

2. Based on your experience what is the benefit of blogging? We can share our thoughts and ideas with the others in online

3. Do you need more assistance to set up your blog?

Yes, I do because at first I did face some difficulties in putting songs for my blog; which will make my blog to be attractive.

4. Do you have any memorable/favorite topic in your blog?

Yes, I do. I like the topic about how blogging can assist language learners to improve our writing skills. I like it because this topic does reflect about what are we experiencing in this course.

5. List 5 advantages of blogging for you

Can share my thoughts with my friends, it improves my writing skil, can improve our creativity as we try do decorate our blog, creates a opportunity to explore internet while searching for information to complete each posting, makes us to learn how to use E-journal.

6. List 5 disadvantages of blogging

Sometimes it will influence people with negative thoughts, waste of time as we have to keep updating our blog.

7. Will you continue blogging after the course?

i am ot going to continue blogging after this course because only less people are using blog to share their ideas.

8. Do you think that blogging improve your writing?

It does improve our writing skill as we have to be aware of our vocabulary and grammar when we write down our ideas.

9. Do you think that we should continue with blogging activity for the next batch of students?

We should continue with blogging because the new batch should learn some knowledge about blogging and how to apply the benefits of blogging in their studies.

10. Will you recommend your friend to blog

Yes, I will recommend my friend to blog because I assume that my friend also will be enjoying blogging like what I experienced.

11. Can you teach a friend to set up his or her blog

yes, I can teach my friend to set up her/ his blog because I would be pleased to share the knowledge of creating a blog that I have learned in this course with my friend.

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