Sunday, April 5, 2009



Age: 20 Tutorial Group:3 LECTURER Dr.Zaini binti Amir

1. Do you enjoy blogging?

Yes. I learned about what blog is and how to apply what I learned about blog in my studies.

2. Based on your experience what is the benefit of blogging? We can share our thoughts and ideas with the others in online

3. Do you need more assistance to set up your blog?

Yes, I do because at first I did face some difficulties in putting songs for my blog; which will make my blog to be attractive.

4. Do you have any memorable/favorite topic in your blog?

Yes, I do. I like the topic about how blogging can assist language learners to improve our writing skills. I like it because this topic does reflect about what are we experiencing in this course.

5. List 5 advantages of blogging for you

Can share my thoughts with my friends, it improves my writing skil, can improve our creativity as we try do decorate our blog, creates a opportunity to explore internet while searching for information to complete each posting, makes us to learn how to use E-journal.

6. List 5 disadvantages of blogging

Sometimes it will influence people with negative thoughts, waste of time as we have to keep updating our blog.

7. Will you continue blogging after the course?

i am ot going to continue blogging after this course because only less people are using blog to share their ideas.

8. Do you think that blogging improve your writing?

It does improve our writing skill as we have to be aware of our vocabulary and grammar when we write down our ideas.

9. Do you think that we should continue with blogging activity for the next batch of students?

We should continue with blogging because the new batch should learn some knowledge about blogging and how to apply the benefits of blogging in their studies.

10. Will you recommend your friend to blog

Yes, I will recommend my friend to blog because I assume that my friend also will be enjoying blogging like what I experienced.

11. Can you teach a friend to set up his or her blog

yes, I can teach my friend to set up her/ his blog because I would be pleased to share the knowledge of creating a blog that I have learned in this course with my friend.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Article 2: Benefits Of Concordance


More than 65,000 litigation professionals choose Concordance® for electronic discovery, litigation document management, and litigation support. Concordance makes it easy to identify, organize and analyze case-critical information so that you can collaborate and share—across your firm or around the world.


Concordance gives you the most effective, cost-efficient way to manage the high volume of documents—including emails and e-documents—generated during litigation.

Concordance also includes an exciting new way for litigators to instantly conduct legal research, right from their discovery documents. Whether accessing documents from your desktop, laptop or the web, Concordance delivers award-winning, industry-leading features that turn discovery as you know it, into discovery as you want it.

Organize and manage immense volumes of litigation data and OCR text

Concordance discovery software is used on the largest cases being litigated today. It can handle over 33 million records per database and allows up to 250 customizable fields per record.

Import, search and organize e-mail and other electronic discovery documents quickly and accurately

E-mail Wizard directly imports Microsoft® Outlook® files, retaining original formatting, hyperlinks to attachments and metadata. Electronic Document Wizard makes it simple to load and search Word, Excel®, PowerPoint®, WordPerfect®, PDFs, HTML, XML and more. The enhanced e-discovery import Wizard in Concordance further reduces the time and cost of document review.

M manage transcripts more effectively

Perform simple bulk import and export of plain text (ASCII) and PCF files, which retain original formatting. With a single mouse click you can “Go To” any document, page number or line number. Add onto and search notes, issue codes and quick-marks, and hyperlink directly to trial exhibits.


SUMMARY: In my opinion, concordance is one of the effective way that can improve language learners learning skill. Learners also can improve their grammar and writing knowledge trough concordance, which will help them when they work in the future.As a language learner , everyone should realize the importance of concordance in language learning.


Article 1:Learning through Concordance

By Katherine Moran, e-mail:, and Luciana Diniz, e-mail:

A concordancer is a common feature of software programs designed to analyze a corpus ( a collection of whole texts stored in a database). When a user searches for a word in a corpus, the concordancer returns all the occurrences of the word within its context of use. The list of examples is called Key Words in Context (KWIC). Because the concordancers show so many examples in the context of the same word, language students are likely to deduce the meaning and patterns of the word. Furthermore, many of the grammatical features of a word (e.g., the preposition that follows it) are immediately clear if one analyzes several examples of the word. The contexts can be displayed in a line or in a sentence or paragraph.

Corpus-based concordances can be an effective tool for second language learning (Hunston, 2002; Sinclair, 2004). By analyzing concordance lines, for example, students are encouraged to investigate their own questions and therefore become more independent learners. Some of the primary benefits of concordance lines in language learning include promoting students' autonomy and helping them become responsible for their own learning.

Corpus linguistics methods, particularly those using the concordancing feature available for most corpora, are undoubtedly powerful tools for language teaching and learning in general, but especially for L2 writing. Unfortunately, for a variety of reasons, corpus-based pedagogical materials are not widely available or used by teachers and learners in both ESL and EFL contexts (Hunston, 2002; Sinclair, 2004). Partially because of the dearth of materials, teachers are often unaware of how to effectively incorporate the benefits of corpus-based concordances into their instructional modules.

SUMMARY: This article is discussing about the importance of concordance for a language learner, such as; they become motivated to study about their task, become more independent,promoting students' autonomy and helping them become responsible for their own learning.